2009 Ford Taurus X

  • 2009 Ford Taurus X

    Ford Taurus X
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • 25 Point Vehicle Inspection
    • PErformed Basic Inspection. Found that front control arms are borken
    • CONTROL ARM – Remove & Replace – Lower Both
    • While rear of vehicle is apart, found that rear calipers are leaking fluid, brake pads are at 2 MM, and there is fluid all over the brake pads. Recommend Replacement at discounted labor at this time, as calipers had to come off to do rear springs.
    • Mount and Balance Tires (Customer Providing Tires)
    • While PErforming BRake Service, the vehicle is very rusty, and the rotors did not want to come off easily. Required to use extra force on rotor to remove it from rear wheel hub and bearing assembly. During test drive saw that ABS light turned on. Scanned for codes and found a P/S Rear Wheel bearing fault. Inspected and found that Tone ring on wheel bearing is no longer full, and is missing a piece. Recommend Replacement of Right Wheel bearing and retest. If ABS light continues to stay on, will require testing.
    • Replaced rear calipers and re-bled system
    • Advise on heat only when driving even if vehicle is warm
    • WHEEL HUB – Remove & Replace – FWD Rear – Right
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